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Fashion Tips

Trying to anticipate what the new trends for any season will be is never an easy task, but it`s fair to say that with the world practically in economic meltdown right now, a little bit of colour is more than welcome amongst all the doom and gloom.

Hot colours and nudes are the must-haves for 2014. Whilst cobalt blue had its moment in 2013, magenta, hot pinks and yellows will ensure you stand out this summer. We`re also heading back to nature with a variety of nude colours; soft pinks and pale browns, and the good news for everyone is that the choices available, particularly the bright block colours, means that everyone should find something to flatter their skin tone.

For anyone who was praying for the day when skinny jeans would finally depart then fear not, your prayers have been answered. Gone is the tiny silhouetted figure, and in is a much more relaxed-fit. The term `boyfriend jeans` has been bartered around for some time now, and with the likes of Katie Holmes strutting around in Mr Cruises clothes, it`s time we all took note. Easy at the hips and delicate at the ankle, the casual look is back with a new feminine twist team with trainers for a casual look or pair of heels for an en-trend evening. For the gents, a more masculine look is set to take over this summer as the high street makes way for military styling. Think Sergeant Pepper in more neutral tones, naval and military jackets.

It`s a case of being heard before being seen as 2014 embraces oversized necklaces and plenty of bracelets. Wooden accessories in particular make for light weight and colourful additions to any outfit Marc Jacobs set a trend with his exotic layered look but opt for oversized earrings as favoured by Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton and you can`t go wrong.

Summer Do`s and Don`ts
If the predictions for a hot British summer are correct then cue the potential for some serious fashion disasters. When it comes to making a real statement this summer, being cool is all about staying cool the right way. Loose fitting light materials, bright coloured swimwear and the right choice of sandals will mark any fashionista out from the crowd. If you`re following the surf and heading to the beach then take inspiration from those brands that have a long standing history of success when it comes to beach wear. Billabong, Reef and Animal have a range of on trend Tee-shirts and those all important board shorts for the gents; and take a look at Havaianas, created in 1962, for some undeniably great flip-flops that take their inspiration from the famous Japanese Zori sandal.

For more inspiration on the top trends of 2014, visit Volcom.

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